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tips to ensure your files print properly:

Every design file, supplied or custom, is put through a series of technical checks to ensure that all will print properly. Bleed, colour matching, embedded fonts, image resolution and linking are some of the things that are reviewed before sending your file to print. Quality is high on our list and we strive to provide the best quality print product for you.

Accepted file formats include: Adobe Acrobat (PDF), InDesign (Packaged Files), Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Excel, Corel Draw (WMF).

Upload a file


There are a variety of website services that will allow you to send a file for free. WeTransfer allows you to transfer up to 2GB of files for free.   pCloud allows you to transfer up to 5GB for free. These services are fast, easy to use and safe. You can encrypt your data if you wish.
The basic concept is:
1. You go to the website, either WeTransfer or pCloud or a different service that you may prefer.
2. You enter in the recipient email address which in this case is design@printcraftPEC.com, your email address as the sender, and drag and drop the file or files to be sent.
3. Click the ‘Transfer’ or ‘Send’ button.  This initiates the transfer of the file(s) from your computer to the site you are using to transfer the file(s).
4. Once the upload is complete, we will be notified by email with a link to download your file(s).

Here is how this works at WeTransfer:


Step 1:

Click on the link above to be taken to the www.wetransfer.com website.


Step 2:

You will see the visual above. Click on the “I accept” button.

Step 4:

upload files

You will see the visual above. Fill in the required fields.
For “Friend’s email” use: design@printcraftPEC.com


Step 3:


You will see the visual above. Click on “I agree”